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Air Duct Cleaning in Idaho Falls

All Shine Cleaning Service provides professional Air Duct Cleaning in Idaho Falls, ID. We use advanced technology which allows our technician to thoroughly clean the air ducts in your home. Our safe, yet effective process, eliminates dust build-up and debris that other systems miss. After the cleaning, our technician performs a separate sanitizing procedure, which disinfects your system, for unpolluted air flow throughout your home. Our method is safe enough to allow you the convenience of staying in your home while we complete your air duct cleaning. Due to our dry & dusty environment, air duct cleaning should be considered on a regular basis.

Thorough Air Duct Cleaning in Idaho Falls

We provide the most complete and thorough air duct cleaning Idaho Falls has to offer! Our clients are always amazed at what we extract from their air ducts. Dead skin, dust, and dust mites are just a few of the pollutants that taint your air supply. People suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions are especially susceptible to the contaminants circulating through their home, via the air ducts. In fact, statistics show that the allergies of 1 in 5 Americans are caused by microscopic substances found in their home and office air supply. All Shine air duct cleaning protects your family from the air-born pathogens that induce or exacerbate health problems. The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that there are an estimated 15,500 fires originating from clothes dryers, resulting in 310 injuries, and 10 deaths annually.

How To Know When Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning.

Few homeowners recognize the signs of clogged air ducts. Air duct cleaning should be made a priority when you notice any of the following:

1) Particles floating:

If you can easily see particles floating through the air or blowing out of the supply registers.

2) Rodents:

If you see or hear rodents, insects or vermin nesting or moving around inside your ducts.

3) Visible mold:

If you can see visible mold inside your hard surface ducts, or on other parts of your heating/cooling system.

Air Duct Cleaning Demonstration

To illustrate the accumulation of debris in your ducts, All Shine offers the free sample cleaning of one air duct, prior to service. Most people are shocked at the amount of soil we are able to remove from their air ducts. Once our technician shows you the pollutants your family has been inhaling, you’ll want to make a standing appointment for All Shine to “clear the air” regularly!

Residential Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

A: Air duct cleaning is the cleaning of the various components of heating and cooling air systems, as well as the air ducts, themselves. These components include the supply and return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, registers, heat exchangers, coils, and condensation drain pans. If these components are not properly maintained, your ducts will become clogged. Clogged ducts can create moisture and evolve into a breeding ground for mold, blowing dangerous mold spores into your home’s air supply. Regular air duct cleaning eliminates this threat.
A: Dirty air ducts are less efficient than clean air ducts. This can reduce airflow and increase your utility bill, year round. With clean air ducts, your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently, saving you money every day, and extending the life of your system. Most important, however, is the dramatic improvement in your air quality.
A: YES! Our air duct cleaning process is safe and clean, however you may notice some floating particles for about an hour after we finish.
A: On average it takes about 1-3 hours to completely clean a residential air duct system. This also includes your vent covers and return covers.

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