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Power Washing

Dirt and grime build up over time on the exterior of your property. Let us make it look brand new again!

About our power washing service

If you are in need of Power Washing in Idaho Falls, ID give us a call! Your Home or Commercial building gets covered in dirt, oils, and grim naturally over time. It can quickly make things look aged & filthy. The best solution to this problem is professional Power Washing from All Shine. Our Power Washing service is thorough and affordable, we guarantee it will make your Home or Office look like brand new again!
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Why Should I Have
my Home or Office Power Washed?

Power Washing is amazing because it works to clean and protect all sorts of surfaces, PLUS it is safe and doesn’t do any damage. Our Power Washing equipment uses clean hot water mixed with our secret cleaning solution that helps remove even the toughest grim and kill any bacteria. It also polishes and protects the clean surfaces.

Sidewalks & Driveways

Siding (vinyl, wood, stone, stucco, brick)

Fencing (wood, vinyl, metal, stone)

Decks (wood, vinyl)

Decks (wood, vinyl)

Garages floors & Garage Doors

Refinish Wood to New!

Are you thinking about refinishing your wood fence or deck? Power Washing will strip away all of the dirt, along with the old oil or stain, leaving behind the raw wood surface. All you have to do once you power wash the surface is let it completely dry and then add the new finish oil or stain.

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

After we complete the cleaning process it usually takes about 24 hours to fully dry (give or take a few hours). Of coarse that includes wood surfaces as well!

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