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Rug Cleaning

We love helping local businesses maintain a pristine appearance and freshly clean environment with our commercial carpet cleaning service.

About our Rug Cleaning service

If you have a rug in your Idaho Falls home and you use it to cover the floor in one of your main living spaces, you should invest in rug cleaning services every now and then. You can get someone to come and carefully clean the rug and clear out all of the dirt that has gathered in it.
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We Can Take Care of Stubborn Stains

Carpets are one of the first things people notice when they enter a business. That first impression is a lasting one and it is reflective of how the company operates. Attention to detail is what stands out and a dirty carpet is always noticed. A clean carpet is a way to show the customers how important they are to the company.

We Eliminate Those Pesky Odors

Eating on your rug or if a pet spends a lot of time on it can cause the rug to start to smell. If the rug goes a long time without getting cleaned, you might notice an odor coming from it. We know how to clean rugs properly and how to keep them smelling fresh.

Benefits of Having Your Rug Cleaned

Having your rug professionally cleaned removes unwanted dust and increases the air quality in your home. After we clean your rug it will look like new and you will feel more comfortable sitting on it. You will love the scent of your rug when it is clean and will appreciate the way that cleaning it refreshes the room where it sits.

How Often Should You Have Your Rug Cleaned?

You should have your rug cleaned every couple of months if you want to keep it from getting too dirty. If you have the rug down in a room that gets a lot of traffic and you notice it getting soiled quickly, you might want to have it cleaned every month.

Why Choose Professional Rug Cleaners?

It is important that you hire someone to clean your rug instead of attempting to do it yourself because those you hire will know which products can be used on that particular rug material. Our professional cleaners have machines that help with their cleaning work.

Can Having a Rug Cleaned Help You Stay Healthy?

When you have your rug cleaned, dirt is removed from your home. This makes the air in your home safer to breathe. You can also have germs pulled out of your rug when the rug is cleaned, helping to make your home a safer place to be.

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