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Pet Urine Restoration

We just don’t cover up pet odors, we eliminate the source and completely restore your carpets. 

About our pet urine restoration service

Well very simply, babies, as well as their messes, can be cleaned. By this same rule, let’s not throw the cat out with the litter! Although it is a temptation at times, especially with the inevitable near misses and territory wars with the dog, these disasters are no longer the carpet rending, pet evicting catastrophes they once were.
All Shine Cleaning Service to the rescue! Our pet urine restoration treatment uses breakthrough technology to completely remove the stains and odors of urination areas. Surface treatments are good for exactly that, surfaces. We have learned to get to the proverbial root of the issue. All Shine Cleaning service provides the most in-depth pet urine restoration Idaho Falls has to offer!
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More Than Surface Treatment

When our pet urinates, the puddle does not sit there on the carpet, waiting for you to come along with a towel.The urine soaks into, not only the carpet, but the padding, as well as the cement or hardwood floor beneath. The ammonia in the urine crystallizes during the drying process and becomes the evil twin to your air freshening crystals. It amplifies the odor, making surface treatments useless.

Commercial & Residential

We offer this service, not only to residential customers, but to commercial clients as well. So if your veterinary clinic carpet has seen a bit too much action, give us a call. All Shine Cleaning Service is a family owned company, and we strive to be environmentally friendly, using “green” products for a minimal impact, and is also safer to use around pets and family. Call us today for your free bid!

Our Urine Restoration Process

The pet urine restoration process involves completely saturating the problem areas, allowing the treatment to soak through to the floor base, tracing the path of the urine. Although it may seem excessive to the home owner, complete soaking of the area is the only way to surround the urine crystals and neutralize them. It has to be allowed to get down past the padding, into the cracks and seams of the base flooring to reach all the urine. After the solution is allowed to remain on the area for 30 minutes, or longer for more problematic areas, the solution is removed, and the area will then be cleaned as usual. Naturally, the treated area will take more time to completely dry, but the bonus is that as long as the treatment is still damp, it is still working.

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