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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We love helping local businesses maintain a pristine appearance and freshly clean environment with our commercial carpet cleaning service.

About our Commercial carpet cleaning service

Businesses get a lot of people walking through their doors, which can be hard on the carpet. High traffic areas are especially problematic. Everyone who enters a building brings with them some dirt that is left behind on the carpet. Once the dirt is deposited, it starts to wear away the fibers as people walk on it. The abrasive properties can ruin an expensive carpet. It can look clean to the naked eye but sand and fine dust particles can break down the pile.

The process is much like taking a piece of sandpaper and rubbing it on the carpet. Professional cleanings are recommended to help protect any commercial carpet from becoming unduly worn.

all shine cleaning service
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Top 3 Reasons To Count on All Shine

Carpets are one of the first things people notice when they enter a business. That first impression is a lasting one and it is reflective of how the company operates. Attention to detail is what stands out and a dirty carpet is always noticed. A clean carpet is a way to show the customers how important they are to the company.

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold is one of the dominant causes of poor health for many people. It can grow in any moist environment, including carpet. Wherever there is dirt or dust, mold can grow. A well-maintained carpet is clean and dry, which helps prevent mold from growing.

Eliminate Allergens

Dirty, particle infested carpet is an allergy or asthma sufferer’s nightmare! We recommend frequent carpet cleaning, to remove those irritants from your home and improve your air quality. Regular carpet cleaning reduces those tiny particles, so you can breathe easier.

Improved Quality of Life

Carpeting reduces noise in your home and helps prevent foot fatigue. It gives warmth and comfort to a home, until it looks dirty. No one wants to walk on dirty carpeting, much less sit on it. With clean, sanitized carpet, you can enjoy sitting on the floor to play with your toddler or wrestling with your teen.

all shine carpet cleaning service

Our 5-Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure:


Our technician will start off by thoroughly vacuuming all areas to be cleaned.


Our technician will then pretreat ALL areas to be cleaned, not just the visible spots or stains.


Detergents are hand-brushed into the carpet fibers to ensure thorough cleaning and deodorizing.


Dirt is extracted from the carpet using heated water and a neutralizing rinse that removes any residue left behind in the agitation process.


The clean carpet fibers are raked to look like newly installed carpet and to aid in quick drying.

Residential Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

A: Absolutely not! We can move your furniture for you and then move it back when we are finished. To protect your belongings we will use small plastic sheets to ensure nothing gets wet.

A: On average it takes 6 to 10 hours. We can speed the process up with fans if you need it to be dry in a shorter period of time however.

A: Yes. We have a few different methods of removing even the toughest stains and odors.

A: Yes we can clean every nook and cranny of your couch, love seat, chair, etc.

A: NO! Our cleaning supplies are all natural and non toxic. Your children and animals are safe to contact the freshly cleaned carpets (but we recommend waiting for your carpet to fully dry to ensure cleanliness).

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