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Do You Need Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls has a dry and dusty environment in the spring, summer, and fall months. It is also very windy (basically all the time) which packs dirt inside your home. There are a few places that it collects, in your air ducts and in your carpets. Regular carpet cleaning in Idaho Falls is not only recommended its necessary if you want to continue living a healthy life.

Better Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls

The hidden dirt that collects overtime is trapped deep in the fibers of your carpet and the top of your pad. In order to get those areas cleaned you need to use a high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine (just like the one we use). We also combine our truck mounted machine with a rotating cleaning head that gets even more dirt out of your carpet.
We can tackle everything form stains, to animal urine smells. We can also repair your carpets if they need to be re-stretched of patched. And to top it off we also provide a Stain Guard to further protect your carpets in the future.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

1- Vacuum
2- Pre-treat
3- Agitate
4- Extract
5- Groom