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Factors That Affect Water Damage Restoration Costs-

Being a homeowner has many advantages, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One downside to owning a house is the cost of repairs that may arise from broken appliances, or damage done by natural causes that are out of your control. One of these very common natural causes is water damage.
Repairing water damage is extremely crucial because if the source of the problem isn’t corrected quickly, the damage will only become worse and more expensive to fix. The cost of water damage repair can range from very low to very high, so it’s important to know the different factors that will determine how much money will be coming out of your pocket.
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Factors That Affect Water Damage Restoration Costs

Whether or not there is still water

Removing water and moisture is an extra step that will take more time, this also means an additional cost. Getting rid of the existing water requires moisture absorbent materials, dehumidification equipment, and water pumps. All Shine has all the necessary equipment to ensure that the water is removed as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration. Once this first step is complete, then the area is ready to be repaired.

Where you live

Similarly to the costs of living, varying on where you live, costs of repairs vary depending on where you live as well. Finding experienced and trustworthy local water damage companies that can provide you with an accurate cost estimate is your best bet.

The size of the affected area

One major factor is size. To put it simply, the less damaged an area is, the less money repairs will cost. If the damaged area is larger, then it will be more expensive to fix. A larger affected space requires more work, time, materials, and people. Since this isn’t the only factor to determine cost, having a larger affected space doesn’t necessarily mean it will be overly expensive.

Damaged materials

Unfortunately water damage can affect materials such as walls and trim, carpets, and floors. The cost can depend on the materials that need to be fixed, for example, carpets are typically harder to fix than hardwood floors. The cost can also depend on the particular materials that need to be purchased to replace the damaged ones.

Whether or not there is mold

A common problem that can occur with water damage, is that mold and mildew may develop. Removing the water as quickly as possible is one of the best ways to prevent mold from forming. If mold does develop, this can create even more damage to your home and put your health at risk. Since this is an extra step, you can expect this to be and extra expense as well.


Even though it may feel stressful and overwhelming to realize that you have water damage in your home, addressing it immediately will save you a lot of money in the long run. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to fix. Waiting only leads to more damage, stress, and extra costs.