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5 Reasons to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

We do love our furry friends, don’t we? They’re such great, lovable companions and all they really want is our attention. But, they aren’t the cleanest little critters sometimes, especially when it comes to your carpet. Those furry paws are carrying all sorts of dirt and allergens, and a lot of that ends up settled deep in the fibers of your carpets.

1- Prevents buildup potential of unhealthy contaminants.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps prevent potential buildup of unhealthy contaminants such as allergens and bacteria that could further lead to more serious situations. Airborne pollutants are trapped in carpet and need to be removed to protect the air quality of your carpeted space.
If your carpet has been exposed to moisture there could also be mold hidden deep in the weave of your carpet. Mold can grow very quickly if the moisture is not properly taken care of.

2- Prolongs carpet life.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps extend the life of your carpet. All the buildup and dirt trapped by carpet wears on the actual fibers of your carpet over time, and without a professional cleaning can cause you to need your carpet replaced sooner than you would need to which comes at a much higher cost than a professional cleaning would.

3- Removes spots and stains.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned removes unwanted spots and stains that you cannot remove with store bought carpet cleaners. The removal of spots and stains also prevents the attraction of further soiling of your carpets that can lead to irreversible damage. A professional carpet cleaner can also use stain guard treatments to help prevent future spots and stains.

4- Enhances a rooms appearance.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned naturally enhances the appearance of any room. Having clean carpets says a lot about the overall cleanliness of your home or work space. It also improves the atmosphere in a work space for all people working inside the carpeted space, it just simply feels better to be working in a professionally cleaned environment.
Not only do your carpets look like brand new after you have them professionally cleaned, but the room (or in some cases your entire house) will smell fresh and clean. Dirty carpet is one of the leading causes of common household odors.

5- Makes carpets easier to maintain.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps to better maintain them. When your carpets are professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you can remove most dry soils and dirt by just vacuuming the carpet because a professional cleaning thoroughly cleans the carpet of any deeper dirt and contaminants.
The costs that come along with properly maintaining and cleaning your carpet on a regular basis are far less then the costs of having your carpet ripped out and replaced.