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5 Reasons to Have Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Several facilities use internal air ducts in order to heat or cool an entire building quickly and efficiently. The downside to this is that the internal sections of an air duct can get extremely filthy. One option is to crawl through the air ducts with a dust rag, the other is the highly more efficient choice of hiring a professional cleaning service.

There are several benefits to having air ducts professionally cleaned…

Saves Energy

An air duct heating and cooling system takes a lot of energy to operate. If the inside of an air duct is caked with dirt and dust, then it will take even more energy. In order for the heating or cooling air to break through the wreckage, it has to be pumped out twice as hard. In the end, it takes twice as much energy and money to keep it going.

Reveals Internal Damage

After a longer period of time, air ducts can obtain holes or cracks. These internal flaws can cause air ducts to work less efficiently, due to the leaks. Also, if left untreated, small damaged areas can easily turn into larger problems that will cost larger sums to fix. Professional cleaners can easily reveal any small holes or cracks and fix them before they get worse.

Reduces Dust Build-Up

A dirty air duct usually has a lot of built-up dust inside, which might not be a problem if that is where it remained. However, when any form of air comes through the vent of a dusty air duct, that dust will come through as well. Because of this, dust is constantly in the air and being breathed in by every individual inside the facility. That also means that dust is building up on every surface of the facility, which can result in a lot of extra cleaning.

Protects Against Harmful Chemicals

Dust is not the only thing that can build up in a dirty air duct. Air ducts can contain dust, mold, rodents, insects and the debris they leave behind. That means that harmful chemicals could possibly be on every surface of the facility as well as being breathed in by anyone inside, causing sickness, serving as irritants and minimizing air quality.

Shrinks Monthly Bills

Along with the knowledge that dirty air ducts can result in higher energy bills, fees for fixing internal damages and cleaning fees, individuals can safely assume that a professional cleaning fee is worth the price. Getting air ducts professionally cleaned once a month can guard against monthly bills quickly shooting through the roof.
While it may seem easier to take the high school boy approach and just leave things dirty, the pros for professional cleaning far outweigh the cons.