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Top 5 Secrets to Preventing Carpet Stains

No one wants to be known as the person who cannot keep their carpets clean. Even if an entire room is spick and span, one stain can ruin it all. However, there are several ways to prevent stains from making their mark.

Add Stain Resistance

Most new carpets come with a stain resistant finish, but today, several people purchase used carpet, and while that is ideal, it often comes with the negative side effect of no stain resistant finish. However, individuals can purchase their own finish that they can apply at home to guard against oncoming targets.

Clean It Fast

No one can completely prevent spills from hitting the carpet, but something like soda or wine can sink into the carpet and create a deeper stain the longer it sits. The solution to this is to clean them fast. Never rub, as that can grind the stain further into the carpet, but dab with cold water and a wet towel

Vacuum Like Mad

If dirt sits in the carpet for too long, it can quickly settle deep inside the carpet, which can cause wicking. Wicking is when dirt inside the carpet makes its way to the top, thus causing a darkened surface stain. While it appears to only be on the surface, it has actually penetrated deep into the ground. Vacuuming daily can reduce the risk of any dirt getting too deep and causing stains.

Suck It Up

Carpet stains do not just stay at the surface, they sink all the way to the floor. Any stains that have already been sitting will never come up with just a wet cloth. It takes suction. There are suction vacuums that are specifically made to work with water and stain remover. Once these two things have been applied to the stain, the vacuum uses strong suction to pull the stain from the roots.

Mask the Scent

If a cat or dog uses the bathroom or gets sick on the carpet, it may be cleaned, but often the scent is left behind. Because of an animal’s instincts, that scent will often tempt them to use that piece of carpet again. In order to reduce that risk spray the area with carpet detergent spray in order to mask the scent of temptation.
If the right precautions are taken, stains can be easily avoided and targets can cease to exist.