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5 Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Benefits

A truck mount carpet cleaner is an upholstery and carpet cleaning unit that is usually mounted to the floor of a trailer or van. The hot water extraction is the cleaning method of this unit. When you require to have your office or home carpet cleaned by an Idaho Falls carpet cleaning service provider, you have many options when it comes to rug or carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaners. Your best option however, is this truck mounted carpet cleaning.

Higher Temperature

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are capable of a lot higher cleaning temperatures. These devices can deliver water warmer/hotter than 200°C. This is essential because the greater temperatures will make the washing agents more active. This permits for more effective chemical utilization and allows cleaners to utilize less chemicals on a regular basis. The result is a cleaner carpet with fewer residues.

Higher Pressure

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are capable of higher pressures of up to fifteen hundred pounds per square inch (psi). This pressure is excessive for carpet or rug cleaning, but a truck mounted machine system will commonly be operated at around four-hundred to five-hundred psi. This is still greater than what a portable carpet cleaner can operate up to. This excess pressure enables for the expectation that means greater removal of soil.

Higher Vacuum Levels

Truck mounted machines in addition to higher heat and higher pressure also provide a much higher level of vacuums. The benefit of this is that the steam cleaner will attract a lot more water. Because of this, carpet cleaners who utilize this sort of machine can frequently get dry times in about two hours.

Quicker Cleaning

Since truck mounted steam cleaners are easier to set up and have less down time during a task, your carpet or rug cleaner will be capable of cleaning your office or home much quicker. With portable carpet cleaners, the operator will have to frequently fill and empty the device. Truck mounts conversely, have big waste tanks and hook up straight to a water source so as soon as the carpet cleaner starts; he does not stop until he is through.

Less Mess

One last advantage of this specific type of carpet cleaner is that there is less mess simply because the carpet cleaner just has to carry hoses into your office or home. With other cleaning systems, a massive, bulky device is brought into the office or home. They are often spew, noisy and produce a smelly humid air into your office or home.
The bottom line is that if you have an office or a home with carpets that are very dirty, it could pay off to have a truck mounted carpet cleaning service return them to looking fresh and brand new again.